Owner Relations

Welcome to the WildFire Energy Owner Relations page. We value our mineral and royalty owners and work every day to earn and keep your trust. At WildFire, integrity and transparency guide every decision we make, and we’re committed to open communications. That’s why we are committed to providing our owners with a quality service that fulfills requests and answers questions in a professional, courteous and timely manner.


As part of our commitment to each of you, WildFire has provided several online resources to help serve you better. The forms referenced and provided below are general and non-specific – if you have more specific questions regarding your ownership or account, we ask that you please reach out to our Owner Relations specialists for further assistance. This site does not, nor is it intended to, provide legal advice.


You can find answers to frequently asked questions below. Please note that we can only discuss account information with parties listed on the account.

Notice to Chesapeake Owners in the Brazos Valley Region

As many of you have been informed by Chesapeake Operating, LLC, Chesapeake transferred its operatorship in oil and gas wells within the Brazos Valley Region to WildFire Energy Operating, LLC earlier this year. This transition took longer than we anticipated, and for that, we apologize. The first round of disbursements started going out on June 30, 2023, and to that end, we anticipate that you should be receiving them soon if you have not already.


On a go-forward basis, WildFire will disburse revenues to its owners between the 25th and 30th calendar day of each month. The details concerning each disbursement will be made available to you through EnergyLink (and if you’ve previously registered for EnergyLink through Chesapeake, you should not have to register for it again). Similarly, if you enrolled in ACH payments with Chesapeake, you should have not to enroll in it again.


Finally, we’ve uploaded our transfer of operator notice – you may download it by clicking here. We appreciate your patience, flexibility and understanding. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Owner Relations team at ownerrelations@wildfire-energy.com or (832) 558-0500.


Transfer of Operator Notice from WildFire Form

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) and Forms

Our commitment is to provide our owners with the highest level of service we can by answering your questions professionally, politely, timely and accurately. You are welcome to contact WildFire using any of the options listed below. While we strive to answer each call we receive, there will be times when we experience higher than average call volumes or may be busy assisting others. If this happens to you, you may either leave a voicemail or send an email to the address listed below. We will return calls and respond to emails within three (3) business days.


Owner Relations Hotline: (832) 558-0500

Email: OwnerRelations@WildFire-Energy.com


Please be sure to provide your name, owner number (if you have it), owner name associated with the account, and a brief description of what you need. Please note that we can only discuss account information with parties listed on the account.

All address changes must be submitted in writing with a signature and tax identification number (e.g., your Social Security Number). For security purposes, no changes will be accepted verbally.


You may download the attached form and send it to the mailing address listed below or scan and email it our Owner Relations specialists at OwnerRelations@WildFire-Energy.com.


How can I sign up for direct deposit? Alternatively, can I terminate direct deposit?

Please download and complete the ACH Form and return it to the address or email address located at the top of the ACH Form, along with a voided check or a copy of a voided check. Please note that we are no longer accepting deposit slips or copies of deposit slips for enrollment in electronic funds transfers.


If you would like to terminate your direct deposit and receive a monthly check instead, please send a request to our address or email address along with your owner number, name and contact information. No changes to your direct deposit enrollment or information will be accepted verbally or over the telephone.


When can I expect electronic payments to begin?

Owners can elect to receive their royalty payments electronically at any time. WildFire and its Owner Relations specialists will work to update your ownership account as soon as practical; however, processing times may take up to 60-90 days, and in the meantime, you may continue to receive paper checks from WildFire.

When are checks issued?

WildFire’s revenue checks are issued between the 25th to 30th each month, and directly deposited funds are deposited around the same time of each month as well.


What is WildFire’s minimum check amount?

Checks are not issued until the royalty payment amount reaches a minimum of $50.00. However, once a year, checks are issued for royalty payments that amount to $10.00 or more.


What should I do if I do not receive my check?

Please wait until the 15th calendar day of the following month for your check to arrive in the mail. If you believe your check has been lost or stolen, please contact our Owner Relations specialists at the contact information listed below so that we may stop payment and reissue the check.


What should I do if my check is older than 90 days?

Any check older than 90 days should be marked void and sent back to WildFire. Once it is received, it will be voided and reissued.


How can I get my revenue check detail information?

WildFire’s monthly revenue check detail is sent to EnergyLink. This secure and integrated website can be used to retrieve your statements and check detail.


To create an account, please visit www.energylink.com and follow the instructions listed on their website. In order to finish your account registration, you will need your Owner Number, a Check Number and a Check Amount available. If you encounter any issues with registration, please visit energylink.com/contact.

When are 1099’s issued?

1099’s will be mailed out on January 31st of the following taxable year. 1099s will not be available on EnergyLink.


I did not receive my 1099. How can I get a replacement?

If you have not received your 1099 by Feb 15th, send an email to OwnerRelations@wildfire-energy.com. Please provide your Owner Name, Owner Number and the last four digits of your Tax Identification Number or Social Security number in order for our company to issue a replacement copy.


Why is only a portion of the year showing on my 1099?

Please note that WildFire acquired Chesapeake’s EagleFord assets in spring 2023. For any months you were receiving revenue from Chesapeake before that time in 2023, you will need to reach out to them for any 1099 inquiries per the contact information below:

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST
Monday – Friday


Why didn’t I get a 1099?

There may be a number of reasons why you did not receive a 1099, including but not limited to:

  • You received no royalties in that calendar year;
  • You received under the minimum royalty threshold of $10.00 for 1099 distribution;
  • We do not have your current mailing address (and would need you to complete a Change of Address form to update our records); or
  • 1099’s are not issued to corporations or exempt organizations
  • We have not received Tax ID or Social Security information from you to place on your account.

I have sold my interest to someone else, or I have bought someone else’s interest. What do I need to send to you?

Please provide copies of the following:

  • Conveyance document that evidences the sale or purchase, recorded in the county where the property is located
  • A completed IRS Form W-9 for the new owner(s)


What do I need to provide if someone has died?

While the ownership changes due to death vary by state, WildFire Energy’s assets are located in the State of Texas. Therefore, to change the ownership of the land, minerals and/or royalties, you may also need to follow the laws of the State of Texas. If you have other questions regarding probate proceedings, we recommend that you consult with a legal professional for further assistance.


If the owner had a Will and probate proceedings have occurred, please provide a copy of the following:

  • Death Certificate
  • Last Will and Testament recorded in the county where the property is located
  • Order Admitting Will to Probate recorded in the county where the property is located
  • Letters Testamentary recorded in the county where the property is located
  • A completed IRS Form W-9 for the new owner(s)


If the owner did NOT have a Will and probate proceedings will NOT occur, please provide a copy of the following:

  • Death Certificate
  • Two notarized Affidavit of Death & Heirship forms completed by two disinterested parties. Both forms must be recorded in the county the property is located
  • A completed IRS Form W-9 for the new owner(s)


For an Estate to receive payment while probate proceedings are ongoing, please provide a copy of the following:

  • Death Certificate
  • Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration
  • A completed IRS Form W-9 for the Estate including the Estate TIN


If the owner had a Life Estate, please provide a copy of the following:

  • Death Certificate
  • A completed IRS Form W-9 for each Remainderman


What do I provide if I have a name change?

Please provide a copy of the following, as applicable:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Court documents showing the name change


Additional documentation may be required after all documentation provided has been reviewed. The owner/heirs are responsible for recording fees. Please contact the applicable county for recording fee information.